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I like "Seeking Someone to Devour" and "Deceitful Spirits" the most. They sound so cool!

I think im gonna write off Seeking someone to Devour. 
Deceitful spirits mibby cause that kinda could work for another character in the story too


if its kinda pervy seeking someone to devour but if not i’d go with teachings of demons

Yyeaaaahhhh i wasnt gonna use that one i dont think cause the acronym would be SSTD 

Here are some name ideas for Luci and Ezras comic?? most of them are quotes from the bible.

withstand in the evil day
seeking someone to devour
deceitful spirits
teachings of demons
Demons under divine authority

Anyones that you guys like like??? 

I share a room with a Demon?

Again a bit too straight to the point. Like stuff im looking at is verses from the bible and things idk I JUST DONT KNW

Ezra's Inferno?

Mmmmmmmm i dunno i want it to be kinda vague but ties in y’know 

its for Ezra and Lucian's comic?


would you welcome suggestions ?


Trying to come up with names for my comic